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Students of Heaven Is a Christian nonprofit organization and ministry of believers on the world wide web with founder and group representive, Val Malloren. Community Organization was created April 15, 2010 and based on the internet environment and communication. Students of Heaven is a technology evangelism ministry for spiritual entertainment, Christian fellowship, and a study group. Students of Heaven was  created as a platform for others to use to share the Gospel of God's Word, the anticipations of Heaven, and greater love in the family of believers by using a sense of Internet  communication and unity. This ministry intends to build up and encourage humanity spiritually in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  SOH Ministry is not only for the Christian believer but for those who are interested in sharing & learning in the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

About Val Malloren

Christianity, Web Master, Information Technology Programmer, NSCS (National Society of Collegiate Scholars) and SCLA (Society of Collegiate Leadership and Achievement) in the United States of America, previous student of Bible Institute Seminary, and World Missions Training. Enjoys the arts and awarded Governor School for the Arts and several other National Art Honor Awards. Enjoys buidings things with technology and soon to obtain B.S Degree in Advanced Software Development and Engineer. Greatest passion is Christianity, bible prophecy, and sharing the love of God.

The Great Commission and Technology Evangelism

Jesus has given a great commission to his followers to spread the good news of the Gospel across the world. Evangelism is helping others toward the Christian faith and the hope for the world which is God's call to all who believe . While evangelism can be practiced by anyone, missionaries and evangelists are those who are mainly known to do this job. Today, with technology, Christian believers are able to reach more people in creative ways.



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